A Siren of YOH YOH YOH!
Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 9:02 PM | 0 notes


let's backtrack a bit...


on friday, we had the H.C.N.Y.A.T.F.M. can you believe it? the name is making me DIZZY. and it's so much longer than combined ports meet. lol and it was superr HOT. all thx to jingwen. drank so much milo that i was bloated:P

SO AFTER THE MEET, sorry i caps on, we dropped by at sogurt! but ... it was CLOSED. so saddddd. anyway, went to 7-11, got a drink and left.

so we went on the bus, and it was superrrrr crowded. we had to sit on the stairs. TALKING BOUT DANGEROUS. and we went to huiyu's grandma's house to change. her house is damn nice:) it was vintage and looked like those castles in the olden days:D

than we went to somerset 313, ion and wisma. it was wayyy cool. sadly, we did not but anything except for the shoes. chenghui says that we may go bugis next time to buy cheaper clothes. BUT we did manage to grab some shoes. HIGH HEELS. boom boom boom boom.

than huiyu and i came out of the ion building first, so we waited outside for the rest. we saw some STATUES and went to imitate them. lol. than we did not notice some tourists taking photos so they started laughing at us, and we walked to one side. than when we posed again as we thought they had left, one man came back and took INDIVIDUAL photos of us!!! AHAHA!

and there was this board that was like a background for the front cover of a magazine. so we acted like models and posed PRO-LY and a lot of ppl were staring. lol.


WELL, WHAT CAN I SAY, the only word to describe it is WALAO EH! the teachers like bombarded us with tons of homework till we almost drowned in them:X


we practised dancing in the shoes again than the whole class was like: WOW YOU ARE ALL SO TALLL. i think it was music for jingwen:) anyway, me, jingwen and huiyu went to jurong point to look for stufff. and huiyu bought this really cute rabbit stuff toy from action city. we saw some really cute things there: there was this tiny little cuteeee pet vacuum machine than sucked allyour sirt and bits of paper. and there was this super tiny fan that was super cooling. and there was this stapler without staples. OHYEA! there was this mouse pad in the shape of a SEXY woman and her two bras were wrist restsss... COOL YEAH?

and there is this thingy in sch called be yourself day. our class deciding what theme to wear to. THINKING OF GEEK, PRIMARY SCH UNIFORM, BABY, AND BOY BOY(consists of business man and ah boy) it's gonna be damn funnnn!

plus, we are deciding what thingys we are gonna have for sch fun fair. I REALLY WANT THE INFLATABLE PLAYGROUND THINGY! and candy floss:)

got into INLINE SKATING for sabbaticals. actually they are only teaching the basic stuff but i learnt alr. but at least it's fun:P and yijie, seishea, jingwen and many others:)