A Muscle of Fatigue
Saturday, May 22, 2010 @ 11:15 PM | 0 notes

volunteered for the nygh sec 1 open house thingy. my duty was sch tour. I WAS PAIRED WITH AHMA! at first i couldn't find my psl so i went with ashleigh toh. than we dunno how spilt up so ahma and i set up our own tours. and we were damn pro larrrrr. haha:D
but honestly, it was really tiring. at least it ended 1 hour earlier. but still had to wait with ahma. so i begged yingying and qingyuan to wait with us. than we ate ice cream and qingyuan did funny actions and i couldn't stop laughing.
anyway, i felt damn weird on the bus cos i was empty handed. i literaly did not bring anything except for my wallet, handphone, clothes, undies, body, tissue...okay that's a lot of stuff, but i stuffed everything in my pocket so i was empty handed. so i felt so weird...
during the tours, we kept on passing by co and i kept waving to my seniors and other people i dunno. haha. ohyea! zzc kept on passing by us and once, he like super excited and started waving vigorously at us while we doing the tours! ARGHHHHH!!!! so malu leh. and the parents keep on asking us the same question: why did you choose nanyang instead of raffles? as in like, what do you expect me to say?????? of course it's becos i like it better lar! DUH.
and some of the primary six girls were like so tiny and puny while some were bigger than me. i met my sis's friends too!!! but only chatted with monica. i think she going raffles leh... huhhhhhh. COME NANYANG. IT'S SO MUCH MORE BETTER WITH US AROUND:)
and like we saw some of the other aep girls like huiyu and chantel... and chantel showed me this super nice drawing that her senior like just drew on the spot with a pen. FANTASTICOOO! REALLY!!! yingying and qingyuan said they were slacking the whole time on facebook. cos they had to give out brochures but no one took it so she just quietly put back on the shelf and ran off to play facebook for one plus hour. UNFAIR LOR! and they said ms yap didn't care. EVEN MORE UNFAIR. you noe ahma and i were like acting as super "elegant" and "obedient" YOUNG LADIES. so we were so tireddddd. BUT IT WAS FUN TOO!
saw tina and others at the pa system there with ms heng in the heritage room. TINA is so lihai mann. and she speaks so well and when she speaks into the mike, she sounds so siwen and gentle. but i like her voice:) and she was like hop hop here, hop hop there. AHAHA! SO CUTE!

oooooookay, time is like 11.30. so niteys!