A Horrible Spillage of Oil
Thursday, May 27, 2010 @ 9:20 PM | 0 notes

I HATE OIL SPILLS! they are plain awful D:
our plan to go ecp for class outing has shattered. it is closed. cos of the oil spill. argh.
so our alternative plan is to go pasir ris park. REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that many ppl can make it and that it will be a huge success. SMILE!
today we got back our report books! today is the last day of sabbaticals. today is also the last day of school!
okay, the first thingy. report book was not as scary as i thought it was. but so many ppl got same msg as me. haha! maegan, yanjie, yijie and nicole leh! 4 ppl. haha. and my results were not very bad lar. better than i had expected:)
awwww, sabbaticals end le. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE! totally awesome. rocked the hell outta me. another best week was lifeskills camp week! awesome like the world too!
hmmm... holidays are here. WILL miss 101! i love you! you are awesomer than the world! ahhhh! scream scream! somebody say fantastic! haiz... but holiday hor, like no holiday leh. every week got at least 4 days occupied. i have no idea how i'm going to be able to finish all my work. sian man.
oooh, jingwen thinks the world is cute too! yay! my sworn sista! er, i'm trying really hard to plan. looking forward to 1st and 2nd june! oooh, i can feel my insides butterflying.
btw, friendship is like like a bra: supportive, always lifting you up, never let's you down, AND close to your heart. that's most important. (: chantel says this sounds horny. does it? i think i wanna blow one more bubble.