A Day of Spasticness
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 @ 6:56 PM | 0 notes

It all started in the morning. walao eh, i just accidentally deleted what i typed. now have to retype this super long post.

Qiu jia found this cute little baby bird in a nest at the dance studio!

Candyfloss was sold at our school today. colourful ones:) 2 dollars per container. zilin bought A LOT. siao ding dong. but still my idol. haha

Our school's theatre club putting up new drama play called flying away something. anyway, its about this loner balloon called bluey who flew away. these are his friends:) bluey and friends were in danger of being hit by an aeroplane. ARGH!!! the cross is the plane. the specks is the balloons.

Today for the malay cultural thingy, ruixuan and others were invited to try out the sarong. =>

And jingwen was asked to go up stage to dance!!!! haha but the pic a bit blur. she so paiseh! and she is da jie da in our team of ahlians. ms teo oso:) anyway, we have to do what she does. haha
i have some things to mention:
1) i'm super stinky cos of the inline skating and i came back half an hour ago and haven bathe yet. I HATE TO BATHE OKAY!!!! i sound so germy. haha:P
2) ms teo inline skated with us today! super cuteeeee:)
3) jingwen fell down a lot of times during sabbaticals:D ahaha!
4) Huiyu can speak french and greek!
5) class outing and IH meeting!
ding! i'm gonna bathe! bye!!!!!