A Scream of No
Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 9:09 PM | 0 notes

no! why why why!
aiyooooo, my mum and stupid sis are watching that show now. so boring man. like there are so many better shows and they choose this. so this was my plan that i executed but it failed miserably:( that's why i on-ed the comp and blogged. argh. horrible now. my comp is facing the tv and like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. actually there's another tv in the room, but that one no cable cannot watch tv.
so i'm so bored and need entertainment. save me my beloveds!
haha, like i was sick just now. was running a fever and my whole body ached like siao. maybe it was yanjie that passed it to me... no offence. haha :D so i popped two panadols in my mouth and i feel so much better :D yay!!! CAN GO CLASS OUTING:)
anyway, my plan:
i got hold of the remote control(the one that switches channels-call it rc1) when my sis and mum were not noticing and did not notice the time. so i hid it under my butt. than my sis screamed: AHHHH! NINE O'CLOCK LE! so they went into panic mode and went around looking for rc1. than my mum poked her arm around the sofa and when i didn't move, she knew it was under my ass. so too bad D: than my sis hurry change but i was enjoying my show :(so i snatched the remote from her but my mum snatched it from me. arghhhhh, she side my sis. so i was all alone in the war. no ally :( so i was smart enough to snatch the remote control that on and off the tv(rc2) and i hurry pressed the off button and ran into my room and hid it under my pillows. i was stupid not to lock myself in there so i ran out and my mum ran inside to take the control. than she found it and on-ed the tv and i stood infront of the tv and shook my butt. haha. but my sis started crying so i strated screaming at her. than my mum started laughing at me and say i was crazy le. she also say later i have sore throat and she took some water and grapes out. so i plucked some grapes out from the branch and dropped them in the water. and the water tasted sweet. haha. i'm feeling siao ding dong now. and my keyboard is almost wet cos i am trying to take the grapes out of the water now. haha.

look!!! my new fav asvertisement. this is my third fav. my first two is the boom bee adah one and the sequel. haha i so loyal:) this is the gatsby facial wash that came out recently. actually the other gatsby adverts are very funny too, but i prefer this best.

okay, i'm so sian. my mum just said stop blogging and hurry do work. but today is a public holiday!!!!! ahhhh, i want a break. give me a break, give me a kitkat.
bye. ohya, is my blog too pinkish, haha, may be too girly than i maybe change.