finally i'm posting :D
Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 3:54 PM | 0 notes

hehehe i know my blog a bit dead hor. BUT JUST THAT TINYYYY LITTLE BIT!!

erm this week has been like usual. blah blah blah. and the worst thing that happened was I AM FAILING MATHS :(

i made roses for seishea cos she asked me too ;D she ask me go make 99 for her leh siao right. but i only made 9 ;)for the rest of the people i bought chocolates!! get ready to gain calories babeh.

yesterday i slept at 2.30 am hahaha cos the last guest went home at 2. thenn there was a lot of leftover food but i don't mind cos we ate it this breakfast and it still tastes awesome :D haha my dad's friends are cool ;) teeheee and my sis and i played with a 6 year old and a 9 year old cos we were super bored ;D they are superrrrr cuteee cos they talk lots of crap and nonsensical stuff that my sister and i dont really get but its still adorablish. ;D plus everyone there gave us BIG angpowssss :D

my hands are sweaty :( again. and my feet too!! urghhhhhh.

nvm you know right i finally started posting on my tumblr. haha i made it last year likee eonssss ago but i finally started posting ;D most of the pics there are from my weheartit cos i'm lazy to scout for otherss.

i think i finished my hw. or maybe not. arhhh i am bored.

i will memorise the algorigthm for rubiks cube by boarding school :D
yeah this is kinda of my newest goals now :D and i'm smart cos i made the deadline realllllyyyyy farrrrr ;)