i dunno whether i should be feeling happy or not. THE HAPPIEST TIME OF MY LIFE.
Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 11:22 AM | 0 notes

woosh that's a long title

aishhhhh i have a feeling that this is a bad feeling. and something bad is gonna happen. and maybe IT HAPPENED ALR!! nothing bad happenned lah hahaha!

ahhh it should be is a happy day cos so many ppl bday today. anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZEL hehe i forgot to wish her.


heyy chiko!!!!! long time no see. haha i just saw you hours ago.
and anyway, blah blah blah you know what i'm gonna say about what 6 years, how
many things in common, bloah bloah. hahaha i am not gonna mention it cos i'm
sure you know it!! DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP DOWN IN YOUR HEART!! (<3)stay qbdys!
this morning was cca and then mrs ee said we improved yay! :DD hehe then later i went our luh. then i rush hw so now i complete everything alr :D except la but that one i do on mon morn cos i lazy haha. then tmr only need to study for bio quiz and dicuss with seishea!! OH JIAYOU AGATHA!! in class tee design. did you know there were guidelines ?! and getting the tee done is a whole lot of effort cos we gotta get lots of approvals first :( so must do faster haha xD

okay so i havent posted in donkey years. today i went shopping for cny clothes!! at bugis junction and street ahahaha i spent so much!! :O

anywayy, the shoes i bought were so cutee omg i love it hehe.
and the suspenders that seishea ask me to buy from ms emily's WAS TOO SHORT hahaha it was like a super mini skirt!! cos i'm so tall yay ;DD

so yesterday, IT WAS SO FUNNY hahahaha. i love aigner and huiting!! they crack me and seishea up like poot!! lol i was trying hard not to burst into random laughter again on the mrt today lol. and yesterday super slack super fun!!!! hehe pccg was hilarious thanks to our awesome mrs soh. and then la was.. er scary? i dont think the creepy atmosphere we tried to create was a success haha cos joey said we were cute?!

then the art and the music both so slack one!! music we camwhored hahaha then seishea and i got kicked out so too bad:(
i rmb i was laughing alot cos of huiyu's funny expressions haha!

then we went sogurt after school! it was raining damn heavily haha and so ch ahma jing huiyu bought and shared umbrellas. hahaha then they rushed back to school!! then jingwen took 154 with us :) hehe she managed to not get car sickness! even when we were reaching our house! yay!! GOOD JOB AWESOME PERSON.

TMR I AM HAVING TUAN YUAN FAN with my mother side family!! :D hehe so awesome steamboat leh!! :DDDDDDD and my cousins who migrated to beijing are coming back like an hour later and staying at my house!! ;D hehe cos we got extra room! (:

i like to act cool! B)