Wednesday, August 4, 2010 @ 3:21 PM | 0 notes

haha doesn't rhyme, kinda lame, but its super fun lar. somemore with the retarded actions and the cool BOOMY low low voice, its super cool:)
today we played kidnap. gonna film it tmr:D its a gameshow involving the despectacled couple. haha!
OH but two things made me friggin pissed luh:(

firstly, agatha put me in ALL 4 SHIFTS. which is stupid:( how am i supposde to play with my friends! how am i supposed to go patronise at other stalls! STOOPID ASS lar. but will not stress agatha anymore. should not get fed up with these type of things. somemore agatha got major headache le. BUT ITS REALLY UNFAIR:( anyway, i think the best way is no one follow the timetable, and everyone just do whatever shift they want. as long as you make sure that every stall got some ppl and everyone does at least 2 shifts. but seriously, i dun think you need anyone to stand there and collect money and shake leg lar. or we can just go by cheng hui's plan. and ms yap appointed her to do it in the first place! i'm sure most ppl will agree with her more lar. and we do it so much faster!
and secondly, the stupid irritating person is a stupid major idiot. i agree with you huiyu. she is so mean! and rude! like, ZILIN IS AN AWESOMELY NICE PERSON, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSULT HER. so stop your stupid blabbing nonsense. and you are so irritating, want us to do everything you wants:( urgh.

and and today for history, i forgot to write the comparison for tone in mny answer. so i put carrot carrot then i bracket: continued behind. haha kinda noob but no choice le lor, cos when i almost finish the paper then i realise:( hope that teacher will accept! and my stupid scrawny handwriting sucks like shit lar. see ah, yanjie with the super neat handwriting is before me, and yijie with the chao pretty handwriting behind me. I SURELY GIVE AWESOMELY AWFUL IMPRESSION LAR :X

anyway, today was quite shitty. but should not get feddup with such eenie minie things eh? so let's OPEN UP SOME HAPPINESS!

hehe i saw from huiyu's blog the part 3 one so i went to search part 2 one. but YEAH simple things in life can just simply make you happy. it's that simple.