A Stinge of Nappies
Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ 5:03 PM | 0 notes

according to huiyu, i am a nappie. haha!!

yesterday for qingongyuan, we were running like siao. then the seniors were catching us.

will miss you sec 4s! visit us often! love yalls :D

hehehe oh and today, went to collect class tees! haha, the material is really comfy and not too thick, and the printing oso very nice:)))) but hor, we should have put 101 in the deisgn more prominent, cos like... i dun think anyone will know that we are from 101. but the tee overall is greatttt lar. hahaha the sentence sounds funny. grammar?

oh and i totally recommend the books of: the tales of the frog princess series. lol, i know it is a very very very ... kidish book. hehe i think for like pri 3-4 girls. hahaha but it is sooo fun to read! the language super easy and soo romantic! HAHAHA i got influenced by jingwen oh no!
you know at first i got the book when i was p4 as a prize, then i tried reading it, but when i was p4 i was noob and didn't understand a word. so chucked it away.
and yesterday while shitting, i took out the book and got addicted. read finish today le:D wanna buy the others sequels. there are 5 sequels, one prequel!! hahaha have you all read it yet?

teehee rawr:D

sabrita ♥