A Waka Of Eh eh!
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ 7:26 PM | 0 notes


today huiyu and i went to the t-shirt printing shop:) they said that 15 bucks only! hahaha and that we had to give them a jpeg image of the exact size we want the items to be! hahaha so doing after school tmr:D

oh righteys, today the new girl valerie arrived! she is very super extroadinarily quiet though. but she is quite pretty leh! but she is realllllyyyyy quiet. and she speaks softly. maybe cos like she feels awkward or tired cos she just arrived in singapore! XD

jingwen ah! why you so emo!! influence by who? william happy alr what i tot! be happy again k? HAPPYYYY! get it? happy! :D cos i really hate you being like this :(

oh and, tmr is going to be the worst day ever!! i hate thurs until i say stop hating thurs. first period is LA, and we doing PERSONAL RECOUNT!! than next lesson chi compo, and we doing CHI COMPO! =.= cos last week alr did compre! BUT UNFAIR. TWO COMPOS IN A ROW?!

then later is recess, then later is HUMANITIES. together!!! shit leh. i suck at humanities plzzzz.

then later recess again, then later is science! i think. which is not too bad. lol cos chem is fun! but after school got cca, until 6:( so tiring! but actually quite fun IF seniors are around... have to wait until 17 i guess!
bleah tmr changing seats:( i was super contented with our seating arrangement. no more cute seishea, no more hot jingwen, no more pervetic huiyu, no more funny cheng hui, no more pretty chantel. no more! NO MORE!!! booooohoooo D:

hey i'm in love with this song. it's the world cup song, called waka waka by shakira! its so nice! hahaha cos its quirky! and i mastered the dance!!

oh right and this is the jurong song, on noose yesterday. it was special edition cos they said that jurong was eperiencing disastrous typhoon at the same time they were recording. but there was not much difference in weather, except that there was occasional slight breeze. right jingwen and seishea?