A Feeling of BOOMZ!
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 @ 4:40 PM | 0 notes

hahaha ehhhh super excited for tmr! cos it's wednesday! if you ppl didn't know yet, my fav day is wed! and its gonna be one of the best weds tmr!

  1. tmr gonna order class t-shrts!with huiyu. co sshe suddenly say tmr free! sorry jing:( we are gonna take samples for sizes first, but than give them the template so they can work on it!!
  2. tmr this exchange student from CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, tina's ex school, is coming! to our class! yes you heard it! to our class! WHEE~ hahaha and it's tina's friend so she got really emotional and started crying(i was gullible enough to believe it) but it's not my naiveness!! she really can win the oscars! anyway, this valerie girl is the exchange student. i was hoping for a angmoh, but she has a chinese surname. than zzc say we like ahlian! oh wells, anyway, she will probably be like tina, cute and fun and cool! and she has an accent! i think. tina does! hahaha anyway if she doesn't know singlish, we are gonna pollute her mind. MUAHAHA!
  3. first lesson on real home econs! hahaha like real practical! and that valeire person joining us! nani nani poo moo aep-ers! lol. but zzc just gave out some hand out about the theory stuff like you must write a report-.-and because of this, aep-ers laughed at us!! OI! st least home econs not examinable! and more fun than aep lor! AND WE OSO DOING POTTERY OK! hahahah nah that was jk. no offence hor!!

haha sold tickets to some ppl le! yay!

heyyyyyy sexy lady, wanna come dance with me?

RMB TO LOVE ME! oh right, jingwen wanted to write: i love sabrita! at the end of her last post.. but than the bell rang! toodles!