A Scream of Fun
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 7:19 PM | 0 notes

hehe these are the pics we took at kids amaze:) super fun:D haha let's go next time! haha i felt like i relived my childhood, evne thought i AM still a child. I FELT SO YOUNG. or rather, younger!

look ! seishea is going through this thingy that rolls your body. LIKE A FLAT PANCAKE:D

^ look at us. the only slide i dun like cos have to climb up again. or rather squeeze up.

haha me disappearing through the falt-ter-na-tor. fatternator!

BALLS FTW:D seriously there were balls everywhere. and kids were throwing them everywhere. so we throw back at them:)

random pic of me that jingwen took. haha when we were resting cos we were too tired to continue. MY HAIR IS SOOOO MESSY.

JINGWEN IS A PERVERT! take seishea's sexy legs :P

me going through the vertical flatternator

seishea's flat body emerging out.

this fat but cute boy jingwen like!

our chops:D for evidence that we really went. and we are still kids and young.

jingwen's zipai... diao a bit fail hor. only take herself.
somemore half of her face only -.-

^ seishea buried underneath the balls! the ball pool is super cooling! cos air con blowing it

the two cuties below:)
my quite succesful zipai shoot!

seishea squeezing through this small hole!
evidence that we are thin!

haha the shooter for balls:)

ball area from above:D super dangerous though.
balls keep raining down!

little boy swinging!

seishea sliding down! 3 storeys high leh

the tallest slide in asia!

haha jingwen emoing? on the soft stairs

vids post next time:)