An Avalanche of Pipaness
Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 7:09 PM | 0 notes

had co practice today. from 9 to 5. haha. finally finished the meiguihua song!!!! so elated mannn:)
had lunch with seniors at kings coffee house or something. huilin accidentally put pepper in my ice lemon tea!!! haha, and angeline went hysterical and started putting salt frantically in it. and i hardly even touched my drink yet=.= than it tasted like colgate cos got the minty minty taste:(
tmr going for games. yayayyyyyy! they asked us to bring extra clothes too as we will be playing water games. finally decided on date for safra---->23 june! ding! must come hor........!
yesterday ewnt home superrrr late after chenghui's house thingies. reached home at like 9 o'clock. was super hungryyyyyy... but i'm so proud of ourselves:
1) we managed to complete the ih assignment. left some illustration only!
2) we took 150++ photos on webcam!!! and plus a lot of other photos that we took after dance =D
3) we managed AGAIN to hide jingwen's phone. and she is close with a guy called fatty whom she met like three days ago and she doesn't even noe how he looks like! fatty suddenly gave her his phone number...hmmm... as i quote from ryan: bad girl. oh yeah! we also hid jingwen's ezlink card!
haha i wanna do more street sales!! for cip!! see i so good:) i help people with my BIG BIG heart^^
i wanna watch my show le. bye :D