A Lalala of Lululu
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ 6:44 PM | 0 notes

okay i'm blogging cos i'm purely bored.
hmmmm should i eat maggi mee today?????
thought of another letter to sam:
dearesssst samantha,
i am sooooooo troubled!
i'm losing my hair!!! not only from my head, but oso my eyebrows and eyelahes!!!
AHHHHH! save me my friend!! well, it all started like this...
*magical music*
one day, when i woke up, 5 grams of hair was on my pillow!!(yeah, i weighed it)
than, i noticed that i was balding!!! like from my fringe to my normal hair, they are 5 cm apart now!!! oh no!!! i stopped taking all food that contains msg, and used CLEAR: BALDING SHAMPOO! but it didn't work! i had to wash my eyebrows and eyelashes too!! ohno!
so i'm writing to ask you if i should go beijing 101, or should i use bawang???
tell me, i donate some hair to you as an act of gratitude. thxxx
love, troubled girl.

ummm, you should know that the above is fake hor. i am not balding. only a bodor will think it's real.

just ate kuehs from bengawan solo. the pandan one with rice below was fantastic, as usual, but i think the green bean powder with coconut one that you guys also made was not better than yours:) cos you made with leaves while theirs was plastic.

haha. ok, tmr i'm gonna go for street sales with jingwen and huiyu and ... i dunno who........
hmmm going to do homework now. see i so guai! i learn from jingwen one.