A Room of Bubbles
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 @ 4:03 PM | 0 notes

today my cousins stay at my house till friday! yay!

we played bubbles! haha.

class party was cancelled today and decided last minute yesterday by me and jingwen. on the mrt. cos like a lot of ppl suddenly sms us at that time that they cannot make it. so very little ppl cannot come. but will be postponed to last week of holiday. hope tht we can have treasure hunt!
so jingwen and i had to call 16 ppl each but so many didn't pick up. i hope no one went!

yesterday went to chenghui's house to do IH and dance. we didn't manage to finish the IH SIA. but we had fun. lots. jingwen had phobia of chenghui's library. she spent like 20 mins to change in there:P but we were scaring her. haha.
and we had so much fun taking photos! haha and we used jingwen's msn. and we blocked all her friends so they were like angry. lol. jingwen lost her phone! and she keep on saying we steal. no lor. than we heard it vibrating in the library so we wanted to search in there but she didn't dare. she probably dropped it in there when she was struggling in there earlier:D and huiyu keep on opening the door while she was changing so jingwen cannot stop screaming. aiyo.

haha jingwen was asked out on a date with william. and she said yes!!! for real. at first huiyu called nicole's phone and since nicole, me and jingwen were in the dark so we cannot see anything, we lied to jingwen that nicole's phone was jingwen's. and jingwen believed! so huiyu pretended to be william. but from inside we oso can hear huiyu speaking but jingwen cannot. haih.... deafened by love. anyway, william really called jingwen when we were trapping her inside with nicole and chenghui and tina. than she asked her out on saturday to see snsd stuff. gay.

no, actually above is a prank for jingwen by us. william is huiyu. she changed her name in jingwen's comtacts to william. and i was upstairs with huiyu and she cannot stop laughing but she had to control herself to pretend to be william. haha. i was laughing uncontrollably and chenghui's dad too, after seeing us siao-ing. Chenghui had a hard hard time trying to keep the library door closed and everyone inside was like screaming and baning and making a lot of noise so that jingwen cannot hear huiyu speaking outside.

and jingwen naively fell for it.

she was so worried on the mrt and me and tina couldn't talk about the plan cos jingwen was beside us so we had to sms each other even though we were just standing in front of each other. jingwen was like so emo-ing about the b/g relationship that would take place if she agreed. but she still did.


need to rush work.