A Bowl of Tiredness
Monday, June 7, 2010 @ 11:19 AM | 0 notes

yesterday me and huiyu and jingwen aka shorty baloney went for street sales:)

extremely fun!!! but tiring. feet hurt so much. and as we went j8 too, gary and the other OT gave us extra stocks so it was like super heavy-.-
at first jingwen and i thought that Gary was like a girl's nickname like bobby, but it is really a guy...
on the mrt on the way to bishan, we were wheeing on the poles!!!! than we were like: uniform. behave!!!! so we acted prim and proper again. haha but not quite...
huiyu treated us to some ben and jerry's. jingwen ate cup noodles so she forget all about the ice cream. and i bet it melted so much and became foamy. ewwww
some people like gave us the: "what the heck, dun talk to me" look and completely dao us. while some were really kind souls and gave us automatically:D
too bad for us, we couldn't take neoprints:( it was closedD: but anyway, when we were walking along orchard, we were "harrased " by many other street sales ppl, but we only helped fellow nanyangians. haha. than we were thinking that maybe that's what other people will do to us too!!! like siam when we were nearing, but it turned out alright... :)
we called chenghui at j8. it was the best choice we ever made:) she donated like 20 bucks!!! so generous!!! haha actually we tricked her into coming cos we said we were going to bring her to somewhere fun, but we actually wanted her to help us. hehe.
and we only targeted like the youths or kids. cos ahmas and ahpehs like no income so quite poorthing but anyway, most didn't give us any money. so we just didn't ask them.
oooh, i can't wait for tue!!! which is tmr... hmmmmmm! there are like more ppl. and i so kind lor. donated 15 bucks and got like...4 packs of candy. haha. gary kept on asking us to do second shift. and he was like: walao eh you all collect so little when we came back. and like: i know you all very lihai lar, so just do second shift lar!!! ha was boasting that he did 8 hours straight in the rain last time!!

than after that when i went home, went for bbq at my cousin's house. in honour of my cousin: basil's birthday, and his brother: cyrils's baptism and full month celebration. look at their cake!!! the bobblehead superman is is basil, and he is carrying cyril, the bobblehead baby!! so cute leh this cake:) but heard it costs 157 dollars:P and like they said they gave the photo of cyril and basil to the cake ppl that's why the bobbleheads looked like the persons in real!!!!

awwww missed all the fun in girls school

ok bye!