A Round of Charity
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 @ 10:36 PM | 0 notes

just came back from street sales again. i think this time was a teeny better than last time cos it was not that warm.
11 am
haha i reached at 11 am when i am supposed to reach at 11.45. haha. and joy suddenly sms us to tell us that it is postponed to 12.30. haha. I LOST MY WAY AROUND DHOBBY GHAUT! the mrt damn confusing lehhh. like there are 3 lines so there are 6 tracks and hundred levels. and the levels are like half way half way so if you wanna go second level, you have to go to first than go the other escolater than go second. SO CONFUSING!!! i looked at the sign: ->plaza singapura.
hmm, i look, and it points to the wall. FREAKY.
so i went out the wrong way. and i tapped in and out until my ezlink card about to go bonkers. and i went out of the mrt, and the sky was crying. i almost crossed the road, but i dunno where i ended up. than like i went back to the mrt, and walked around for like ten minutes. and i passed the same place over and over again. haha. than i finally found it!!! YAY^.^
so i was sooooo early that i had to walk around the same shops over and over and over again. amen. than the shopkeepers were like staring at me. so i settled down with ice cream at macs and ahma joined me there!!!!

11.45 am(i think)
met with the rest. haha huiyu had to go up to level 5 cos we told her we were at daiso. but we alr went down to b2 so she also had to drag down... paiseh hor.
we went to eat at long john silvers. couldn't finish my meal. was soooo full. and we kept on ringing the bell which means we liked the cashiers smile. and i think it was a rule for them to say thankyou every time the bell rang. so they were like: thankyou mam. thankyou mam. and repeat. until everlasting...

12.30 pm
we got the goods. and then we went off. joy asked us to go shenton way, but we dunno where. so we went raffles place. it was lunch hour. office ppl were like: you get out of my way, i have no time. THEY WERE SCARY. and they had the i'm going to dao you look. so we went other place. ohyea!!! we got free balloons and we used them as an umbrella. and we wrote: please donate to SHF kind soul!! and we also saw the place where in dramas, when ppl get sacked, they will walk aimlessly there and like think and cry. haha:)

1 pm?
we went bugis. chantel and skulle went to bugis street and junction there while me and huiyu and ahma went to iluma. ahhhh iluma so ulu i tell you. but!!! almost everyone we met there got donate:D haha^^ huiyu got nerd specs!! than we went to swap places with chantel and skulle. sold lots of stuff:)

3 plus
went to cineleisure to take neoprints. yay. this was fun:) haha for the second booth that we took, the machine siao ding dong de. like so little time to take, and gave us TEN MINUTES to decorate. haha.

ok so anyway, i think today was the MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST(x infinity)
number of times i sat on mrt. like we were changing and changing till we got confused and we changed to wrong mrt so had to get out and had to change line and go back and blah blah blah... ahhhhh!!! i almost baozha you noe. and when i went home, like i got confused again and went back to bugis. diao. so tired. tmr going to be a long long day. meeting with jingwen at secret place again!!! actually not so secret lar. just wanna make huiting jealous :P oooh huiyu just asked me out on a date with cip again! jingwen must come ah!!! cannot miss again XD
ok that was random. hmmm, sleepy le. goodnight hor.
sabrita the love.