A Bish of Word Limit
Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 12:33 PM | 0 notes

haha the title is inspired by yijie and angeline:)
tske tske tske
yay our noisy fun clique :D wheeeeeeeee~
yesterday had water games. it was damn fun i tell you. the seniors were a bit siao one(i hope they dun see this) when i haven even fill up my water bombs yet than they started dragging me and threw water bombs at me till my whole shirt was wet. haha but zia was worse than me. they put the water bombs inside her shirt. haha. than the sec 4s told us to stand in a row while they used a bucket on us. blehhhh. i persuaded qiting to come play with us by telling her that those dry ppl had to clean up the floor in the canteen. and it was true!!!
and there were other games. than we voted for our new SLs. they say they actually think of who to be le so no point vothing larrr. but there are only two sec 3s in out section. O.o
hey i hate word limits!
*piak* to yanjie!!!
urgh like i just finished my story and it is 1689. ahhhh i can't cancel anymore if not the story will be so boring. booo. i think the 1 mark may not be worth it.
amanda forgot that we are eating subway today! and she suggested it herself you noe.
yesterday huiyu started talking about her body parts dropping off and going to pluto... and lots of MAGICAL stuff. haha so funny my stomach hurt so much laughing too hard.
i am bored. my mum ask me to do chi sia foreword and conclusion. like i dunno how to do lehh. so helppp!!!

ps: i'm a back sleeper with arms and legs spread out. according to huiyu, it means i'm a comfort lover and beauty worshipper. does this mean i'm zilian??? oh and i totally agree with the second part.(i love gosipping. hehe. see i SO humble never say i very guai!)