A Dash of Sensory Overload
Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 7:34 PM | 0 notes

hehehe my mind is so multi-tasking. I'm using so many senses!
1) my dad watching world cup. the stadium is so noisy. like they have horns and they blow it with no notes so now it sounds like bees. geez, research has shown that this causes headaches!
2) I'm trying to listen to Ooh lala. hehe by SNSD:)
3) I'm typing here, so this counts as one too!
4) erm, i'm reading jingwen's blog. and i can't get over her tags. hahahah it's damn funny! *do the aigner eyebrow shrug*
5) since i'm reading jingwen's blog, i'm also laughing. does that count as a sense?
6) I'm talking to my sister as she is talking to me. so i'm using two here.
OOOH i'm so NOT pro cos i'm humble, but what i wanna say is, i can do 7 things at the same time!

hehe do you like my new skin? crazy over domo these few days. YOU ROCK DOMO! and the marks on the left hand corner will be what i get if i dun mug for physics, which is in week 2. BLEH. and my next week is like fully packed!! bishhhh
hehehe i feel SO HAPPY cos .... hehe i dunno why. HAPPINESS IS A STRANGE FEELING BUT IT MAKES YOU HAPPY.
HUIYU AND I just thought of what thinty and jingwen's date will be like: THINTY DUN KILL ME.
1) it'll be at some posh restaurant in somerset, where there are swings.
2) than thinty will order food, sit down, all that crap. but decorations are romantic. cos jingwen loves romantic stuff.
3) Than huiyu and i will poof out of no where and pass thinty flowers and a ring(the ring is secretly de.)
4) than thinty will plop the ring into his drink(either wine or orange juice) and ahem loudly so jingwen can hear and look into his cup. than thinty will say: WILL YOU MARRY ME?
6) yeah, now is the kissing part. pucker up! rmb to spray breathspray cos i ordered food with garlic sauce for you two!
7) than me and huiyu will poof again! and come with our instruments: mine is pipa while hers is radio. than we will play romantic songs:D
8) than while playing, we will display our magic multi-tasking skill. we will be paparazzi(take plenty of shots) and than we will watch them, of course. we will also have sound effect: AWWWW...
9) than thinty is grade 7 in piano le, so he will go up on stage and start playing the piano with us. hehe than he will start singing.
10) thinty will ask jing up on stage too, and then jingwen will be so touched that she will cry!
11) than she and thinty will waltz around. hahahaha!
12) than jingwen will be so glad cos she thinks dancing boys are cute.
13) to make himself cuter, thinty will play soccer!
14) OH RIGHT! AT THE STARTING, thinty has to skip cca so he told his coach: I'M GOING TO MEET THE WOMAN I LOVE!
15) the coach is so touched that he loaned thinty his tuxedo and rented a limo for him.
16)back to jingwen's part: jingwen has skipped cip and abandoned me and huiyu, but this is all because of her love life! but how can she leave us there ? she tootie toot!
17) back to the part we stopped: suddenly, timo POOFED! out of nowhere. than he boomed in his cute voice: THINTY! HANDS OFF MY WIFE! HER MUM(my mother in law) HAS ALREADY MADE HER MARRY ME! I'M SO MUCH CUTER THAN YOU, WITH MY PINCHY CHEEKS! AND JINGWEN! COME TO ME BABY! DON'T MARRY THIS MEATLESS GUY!
18) poof! everything disappeared. hehehe. than huiyu and i will poof out again against a black backdrop and say: this is what happens when a fatty dates a thinty, when the fatty alr has a fatty husband.
19) see, thinty you are so lucky to have friends like us. we gave you a fairytale like night and we took care of all your expenses(badminton coach paid for all).

moral of the story: don't be a fatty!

ps: all the 'than's should be changed to 'then's.
hehe see my english so go... eh sorry supposed to be humble.

Sabrita *wink*