A Slide of Childhood
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 6:42 PM | 0 notes




omg omg omg. this is seriously the best place ever. LIKE SUPER COOL MAN.
so at first we wanted to go swimming, but than jing and my ahem came. so too bad:( so in the end we went macs. but jingwen couldn't finish her DELUXE BREAKFAST and so she kept it. lol why buy so much!?
so we walked to safra and we went into kids amaze!!! SLIDES FTW! WHY ARE YOU SO FUN!!! hehe in the next post i shall post photos and videos we took. honestly, we should go there next time for class gathering.
ohyea! we played hide and seek and i was the worst seeker>.< epic fail man! took like 20 mins to find them. haha and seishea pro sia. took like 2 mins. oh plus the kids were like screaming and screaming. and i was sweaty:X KIDS AMAZE IS A FUN PLACE. BUT NOT ADVISED FOR FATTIES AND TALLIES. like we had to squeeze through everything and we had to bend lowwww. but still uber fun :D wheee~ i wanna go again!
but it is quite ex. when i got home , my mum said: so much to buy a childhood? YEAH! cos a bright childhood produces a smily person:D sabrita's new theory!

yes the slides! super high! hehe but like in a few seconds go down le:( and like we take so much effort to go upD: and i think we old le. old le! so tiring lehh! we were almost breathless.so anyway, for the orange and yellow slide, we went down together. as in layered. super fun!! hehe screaming was fun too! on the yellow slide, we were not allowed to go down together so i stopped halfway and waited for the other two. than seishea came and we went down a little but managed to brake. BUT jingwen cannot even stop! she was like zooming down and she pushed our butts with her feet. hahaha so funny.

yeah! this is one of the best movies i watched:D so hilarious! but than almost 3/4 of the cinema was filled with kids. so they couldn't stop chatting. and this young boy behind us slept like at the starting of the show!!! haha the show is definitely a must-watch. it is super touching at the end:) and at some scary parts jingwen was like hiding and covering her eyes. lol so cute:D hehe but imagine your toys coming alive, i would freak out like siao. and after watching, i think i should not treat toys so cruelly anymore. some evil stuffs i did: plucked out barbie's head and limbs. plucked my sister's doll's hair. haha sadistic hor? and jingwen last time was so pervetic. hahaha hint: barbie's clothes. haha XD

oh right! we found blue tank tops for 10 bucks from cotton on! there is this size that fits jingwen perfectly:) than we oso found white shorts that is super comfy that has jingwen's size too:) 15 bucks for one. AND THERE IS STOCK FOR BOTH ITEMS!

so yeah, today is one of the most funnest day ever! hehe i go post pics and vids now. bye!