A Theme of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Friday, July 2, 2010 @ 9:15 PM | 0 notes

YO! today is extreme epic FAIL lurh! LIKE it's be yourself day:

BUT there was a happy part:

hehehe today actually quite fun, cos like after the dance part, we got 1 hour to do anything we want! so we took photos, until zzc came in and gave us a talk.

and the oh yeah oh yeah dance soooo fun! but sooo long leh. the song keep repeating.

and and and here are examples of what other classes wore:

  1. nerd. super cool. like everyone had bow ties and had suspenders and had super enormous geek specs! like i saw one covering her ears!
  2. hehehe there was MIME! hahaha they were doing miming actions and had their faces painted black and white! hahaha and than they were soooo quiet!
  3. oh right, there was PYJAMAS! so yeah, we saw ppl wearing bath robes and stuff. like there was super long dresses too!
  4. waitress, nothing much to say. they wore vests! with blouses of course.

damn cool hor? hehe i wanna wear better stuff next time! HUIYU suggested wacky! like we wear different shoes, and than different socks, and wear different lengths on one leg. than wear a long sleeve shirt, followed by a 3 quarter one, than a normal shirt, after that a cap sleeve, than tank top, than spaghetti stripe! i dun think it will be hot ba. wear after reach school lor! and must wear like colourful tights with pants, and than shorts and than skirt! and hair must have 5 ponytails! hahaa each arm must have like 10 watches and bangles! it is super cool sia!

lol can't wait for halloween! even though it's a long time away. BUT MY BIRTHDAY COMING LE! hurry get me a present k? (:

and yes, jingwen i promise you i will get you hair straighteners and contacts:D but sharing with someone else lar, cos if not i will be broke. BUT i so nice hor! hehehe treasure this great friend babyy!

BYE! sabrita hearts you^-^

cos you noe when a boy wanna gives you something, and instead gives it to someone else, you feel sad and weird.

walao eh, you ah, fallen for him le lor! still dun admit.