A Squeeze of Zestfullnessh
Thursday, June 24, 2010 @ 3:57 PM | 0 notes

hehe what is zest? can anyone tell me??
hehehe yay thx huiyu!!!! for the something:)
hehe i'm quite happy! cos my name is on jingwen's, angeline's, huiyu's and thinty's blog! hehehe:D
hahahaha packing to go msia tmr. may not post so often cos school starting. I AM DREADING IT. but the only part good about it is that can see friends daily again!
and somemore the physics blocktest starts in week two, and week one got culture test. i am sooo dead.
awwww, super sad that can't go cip street sales tmr:( hehe jingwen and huiyu: GOOD LUCK! HOPE YOU EARN MORE THAN WHAT WE DID LAST 2 TIMEs :D
HAHAHA ehh gonna continue packing my school stuff le. bye:)