A Trip of Msia
Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 6:06 PM | 0 notes

hehehe most of you prob should noe that I went to msia! hehehe actually not as boring as i thought it would be leh!


hehehe yeah day one! was super excited! we actually wanted to leave at 9am, but in the end left at 2pm! hahaha!
right, the ride to msia was... boring and tiring. hahaha but the toilets at the rest stations improved! wheee~


so at night, my dad brought us to eat some special msia food that he say he always eat. than later we met with his friends, auntie melissa and uncle chew and his friend. btw, auntie melissa and uncle chew are husband and wife. so after that we visited their home! hahaha they are SUPER RICH! like... rich rich money money! they live in bungalows, super big, and this bungalow is super special and high-class! cos there is like a security guard like a condo and the whole "neighbourhood" of bungalows are suprrounded by walls. so it is like a castle! there is even two excercise playgrounds, and one HUGE HUGE playground! there are like 8 swings there! and like 6 slides? the best thing is, it is super clean. not even a trace of vandalism! and there is a pond and basketball court and a courtyard that is enormous! plus plus plus, the road is super wide, like not jammed up at all!

ken's dream house!
yeah if you guys watched toy story three, you should noe what i mean! like the house is sooooooo nice!!! so cool yo! AND it is so high class and sophisticated yet fun! AHHHHH! the wardrobe is as big and spacious as ken's! like there are soooo many clothes! than the bathroom is as big as our classroom! there is even a jacuzzi inside!!!! ahhhhh~
BUT that fateful night, a rat hopped in! it is as big as ... erm...MY HAND? and it scared the guts out of my mum and auntie melissa :D hahaha so my dad and uncle chew took some big plastic toyogo containers and those long and big scissors. than they locked themselves in while we played at the playground. hahaha guess what:

my dad and uncle chew chased the rat, and then uncle chew caught it with his hand by the rat's tail! so he swung and swung it by his tail around in circles. and the rat turned its head around and bit his thumb! so uncle chew flung it across the room and the rat hit the wall and slid down. and my dad hurry up cover it with one of the containers! than uncle went to the clinic cos rats bite is poisonous. and he had an injection . hahaha super cool night! later went back to my dad's condo and slept:) in peace:D

sunway lagoon (:
went to sunway lagoon. the rides were fantastic:) there is this mini rollar coaster, but it is not scary but super comfy:) than later sat some water rides, like the niagara falls flume ride! the scary part was not the zooming down part, but the part when they were travelling super slow up! like cos the boat is wet, than the bars at both sides are wet too. so when it is like travelling 50 degrees upwards, we were sliding down. and if we let go, we die. so yeah, boom boom! and they splash into the water so we got totally soaked:D
hahaha the scary roller coaster damn fun! hahahaha they will travel up super slow, and i sat at the back. so when the front people already went down, we were still waiting to go down cos we ewre dangling there. THAN BOOM! we fall like super fast! hahaha my whole body flew up and i couldn't put it down but luckily the seatbelts put my butt down! but my legs were flying up!! lol super fun! we scream like dunno what!!! hahahah

oh right there was this ride called calorado splash where you go down this four or five storey slide in 2 sec! than my heart was like, i could really feel it in my mouth! lol. and i couldn't even scream cos it was like something was pressing against my chest and i was even having difficulties breathing! BUT STILL SUPER FUN:)
hehehe we didn't dare take the pirate's revenge(viking). cos watching it was thrilling enough already XD hahaha the ride was 360 degrees! it went up, stayed there upside down for like 30 secs, than it went down and you could even hear the friction when the boat rubbed against the floor.
we didn't go tomahawk too, cos its like the viking but it is caged and super tight. HEHEHE we went plenty of super duper fun other many rides, and even went to the water park:D

dad's company's annual d&d
hahaha so paiseh lehh! hahaha cos we were walking down the aisle while everyone was clapping and cheering for us :P than i kept on pushing my uncle(3 years older than me. so old hor!). hahahaa at first they dun let us go in cos they say got surprise for us. hahaha but not surprise le lor. every year the same thing. so we went to the holding room, where they served us snacks and coffee and tea and water. we were bored so my uncle(in charge of my dad's bulky camera) and me(in chrage fo the digital camera) went to take photos:) than we wanted to take photos when walking down the aisle but there were professional ppl taking le:)

ate this fantastic ba kuh teh, than went home(singapore). hahaha i could smell it when we were 38 km away :P

lol, so msia trip was quite fun :D wheeee!
AND TODAY, went to j east with seishea and jing and huiyu cos huiyu gotta pay deposit for some bogshopping stuff:) than we played with jing's phone again. MUAHAHAHA:O
hehehe we were thinking about making out own blogshop. >.< hope that it will come true ^-^ i think it will be fun.
oh right we thinking of making a kara group too!
kk, today first day of school, i'm going to be a good good girl. and mug for physics:D so bye(:
Sabrita the awesome one:)