A Bom of bom boms!
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 @ 12:18 PM | 0 notes

hello!!!! HAHAHAHA chantel and jingwen beside me now:) hahaha we printing class tee design so the class can see. than i go order! jingwen say that after geog outing on sat she will go with me print! yay so if you wanna see a hottie come on sat and stalk us!

yeaterday they came to my house and they stayed till like 8.30pm! ate dinner there too! the table was super crowded. could sense that they were very awkward! hahaha but they said my grandpa's cooking was quite nice!

we discussed lots of stuff like ... next year what design for our class shirt.. cos actually this year design quite plain.. and than like we were editing yeaterday!

oh right guys if you read jingwen's blog post, pls note that of course she knows that i am blogging now! cos i am next to her using the com! wheeee~ haha so note that she is not smart. if she is, a worm would be a genius!

hahahaha jingwen the hottie, dumbo, zilian, shortie baloney! HAHAHA so lar jut kidding! i only very jealous of her cos she so smart! can go to math olypiad leh! smart right?! hahaha and fyi, her butt is nice to hit!

now she is talking pretty ppl's blogs! haha weird actually cos we are girls but we fantasize over chio ppl and see all their photos on fb!! lol :)

k bai recess ending le!