A Bleah of Bleahs
Sunday, July 4, 2010 @ 11:15 PM | 0 notes

bleah i'm bored! someone entertain me!!
it late at night, the crickets are super noisy! hahaha
tmr hottie and bobby coming to my house! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN !! lol and get wild!
hahahaha no lar we going to do GOOD STUFF!
checking out some places for class tee tmr too~! see 101, you must be proud to have such a valuable sabrita in your class!
hahahaha oh right supposed to be humble. BUT I AM HUMBLE! hahahaa
feel funny. stomach feels wiggly! but i have no pain or whatever. and my hahaha jingwen I LOVE YOU! lol and i'm still not a les. but i support it! but i am not one.
hehehe i suddenly feel like going back to pri sch... :( hahahaha and relive the young little spirit i once had! :D hahaha and than we can go do those silly stuff again. the best part is, we get to celebrate both children's day and youth day! hahahah and get presents on both days!
today in tuition was boring-.- they chatted about soccer and like even the teacher! BUT i dunno what they were talking about, so yeah i was sms ing under the table. than i think teacher noticed(i sit beside her) and she tapped my table. BUT WHO CARES!

WHHEEE~ beloved friends! come collect a kiss from me on 13 august! NYGH fun fair! SEE YOU THERE!

ps: chloe ang if you dun come i kill you hor! you promise le!