A Moment of Retardness
Friday, July 23, 2010 @ 4:53 PM | 0 notes

urgh. i am soo stupid:( jingwen you too(no offence)

we haven't VOTED FOR NYSC:(((
ahyo we soo forgetful leh:( and i promised some ppl. so shhhhh..!

hope i can still get that recipe:(
but maybe still got votings next week!
and i can't wait for council elections again next year. you should have seen the BIG HUGE PILE of sweeets and crackers and snacks on our table.haha! BRIBERY ROCKS.

hahaha anyways, today was ok ok lar. hahaha and like later going for the qinggongyuan thingy!
hehe hope that we won't be like left out? ...
hahaha today was close for jingwen. she almost met him again!
lol when she just got on the bus, he was walking to the bus stop!

hahas and i think i look like sooo akward when i'm standing next to her, cos i look sooo much taller:( hahaha grow taller jingwen!

and you should go toilet more often luh! hahaha shall not spill your secrets here. see i so good!
but seriously, take my advice...
hehehe going to leave le:D bye!