A Day of Suckiness
Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 5:18 PM | 0 notes

walao. today sucks like shit man.

i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.
i feel like crying:(
really i do:(

it has been the worst day ever, and sabrina leong is collapsing:(

firstly, we got scolded and eff-ed at by the 410 ppl:( they were scolding us and laughing at us. they say they laugh cos seniors laugh at juniors to show how cocky and stoopid our behavior is. even though we didn't do anything to them.we didn't even know why they scold us:( so we didn't retaliate. and just keep on apologizing. but i think we were dumb to do that. anyway they are going to say sorry le.

secondly, we got scolded by the new bio teacher. we dun even know him:( andd some more TWO scoldings in a row leh! right after the sec 4s left, the teacher was alr behind them. RUINED MY MOOD LUH.

thirdly, jane just sent us an sms that our class's reputation is at the bottom line. i really dun wanna say this but... IT IS REALLY HORRIBLE, considering the teachers and how they reacted which was sent in the sms. wtf lar.

we should really apologise to them sincerely. like the zzc incident. i know some of you dun agree, but just do this for the class this once ok? so pls dun argue on mon and scream at each other again:(

i really dun wish to think about it anymore le:(

later going to nicole's birthday. hope that will lift my spirits:D

i think this is the first emo post ever. not exactly emo, but bad enough to ruin this happy place. but i really can't help it. just wanna puke all the crap here.

let my tears flow and flood the ocean.