A Period of Madness
Monday, July 12, 2010 @ 6:45 PM | 0 notes

super sorry zhang lao shi!!! er we were too emotional... and ji dong! well even when we were screaming at you for being so shocked, you still kept your smile. i am really glad you are sooo understanding. i feel damn bad about it now... bleah:( now i think you are a really nice teacher to be able to tolerate us. and act like you are still happy when you should have felt freakingly upset.

today went to order the class tees. the person said we can get it really fast cos it's really easy to print! YAYYYEEE super happy and excited!

and we saw this shop specially selling accessories... and half of it was left to shades! WHEEE. there was geek specs, gigantic geek specs, sun shades, gigantic sun shades, SHUTTER SHADES, GIGANTIC SHUTTER SHADES, AND HEART AND STAR SHUTTER SHADES. there was also the star and heart specs and some normal specs and some BIRTHDAY SHADES. super cool shop. some more cost so CHEAP! like the normal size ones cost 5 bucks each and the big ones cost 8. really cool shop:D

and far east plaza is a great place to shop! :D

haha erm... today we ordered pizza in the toilet. at first we discuss in the toilet, then we were in the toilet for too long so we went out. then like 30 mins later, we had to go order, but then if we go toilet again we would arouse suspicion, so we asked chenghui, chantel and nicole to go order. hahaa then before school end the pizzas arrived le. hahaha so they ran down and took it up. hahah it was hilarious.

we are selling popsicles instead of popcorn! listen to the popsicle song(in tune of oh when the saints):

we're selling pop...
we're selling pop...
we're selling pop pop pop si-cles!
we're selling pop pop pop pop si-cles
we're selling pop pop pop si-cles.

hahah we thought of screaming this song during the fun fair to attract attention. i think it will work! then we will have BLING BLING banners!! hahaha totally cool :D

and today was valerie's bdae. she came late. so at first we were quite disappointed when we thought she wouldn't come, then she arrived. hahaa she has the MOST NUMBER OF PRESENTS for a birthday girl. lol! and i am glad when she said she will never forget this day! SUPER TOUCHED LAR!! hahah and she has the REALLY COOL perfect chinese perfect english accent just like tina!! woohoo~

ook bye:D i wanna go fb. see you next timeeee