An Outing of Unglamness
Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 12:45 PM | 0 notes

today went to the agroponics farm!!
hahaha it was fun:D some parts were boring though.
and we tricked jane and zilin that we were in msia. cos the place super ulu. there was a sign that said kranji, but then we say that kranji at the borders of singapore. HAHAHA

we took loads of unglam shots. ESPECIALLY ME! yay i hope i can be the unglamnest girl in the world! woots^-^ and i shall put unglam shots as my fb profile pic:D

oh right the food is AWESHUM. the mushrooms like rock the whole world!! we stood there eating non stop :) bring greedy was FUN! XD

and they gave free honey with aloe vera. WAS DAMN HYPER. cos there is nothing free in singapore!! hahah then we were like I WANT I WANT! like those ah-saos!! hahaha and angeline and chantel bought them without knowing they were giving free stuff. so they wasted their money. nevermind lar. aloe is good :D

plus the cactus and chicken soup was fantastic! first time in my life eating cactus!

oh right there was the rosealla drink. it was nice too cos tasted like ribena. and there was this aloe vera jelly! i bought four:D hahaha just couldn't resist. anyway all not fattening what!

oh right 101 is doing DUNKING MACHINE! choose me choose me!!! WHEEEE i wanna get dunked! really!!!!! CHOOSE ME! PICK ME! ME ME ME! and come to out class one hor! cos other classes oso doing!! pick ours. i bet it is the bestest!

we also selling popcorn. hahaha the thing that starts with a p and ends with a orn!

and we oso doing this cool test tube gell macaroni names thingy, i forgot what it's called :P but chantel says its fun to make!

lol i can't waitttt!~ hahaha :D
alleh lu ah! alleh lu ah! I LOVE FUN FAIRS:)