A Night of Fun
Saturday, July 17, 2010 @ 11:55 AM | 0 notes

heheh yesterday night went to nicole's bdae dinner:)

it was really awesome!
hahaha the food was great, and it was fun!

we played with jingwen's phone, as always, and we PRANK CALLED HER HUSBANDS. lol. first time i heard thinty's voice. jingwen said she liked it! HEARD THAT THINTY? rofl

hahha and then we called this guy called jun hong, who jingwen keep on sms-ing. hahaha to not reveal who she was sms-ing, she changed the guy's name to :) lala. hahhaha and so we called him, and his voice was really boomy. jingwen's didn't get a chance to hear his voice so she was upset!! rofl

then we called william, his voice was the deepest!!! hahhaha coollll cos i couldn't hear his voice cos it was toooo deep!! hahaha and it sounded like some professor's or something.

lmao, ok huiyu's mushroom soup:
  1. normal CREAMY mushroom soup
  2. hui yu's saliva
  3. chilli sauce
  4. tomato sauce
  5. tartar sauce
  6. spring onions
  7. cheese
  8. chilli powder
  9. pepper sauce
  10. stuff from the pasta

yeah it was fantastic! i drank like 10 spoons of it.

hahaha and the others were kinds freaked out? lol but it was quite nice lor. but then got one part they never stir the tartar sauce completely and then i drank the whole chunk of it with a little soup. bleah. i spit it out of course.

yeah it did make me happier!

i'm glad skulle loves our presents!