A Blua Of Muah
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 @ 6:50 PM | 0 notes


changed url and blogskin. LIKE IT?

haha today was awesome ttm!! YAY!

auditions okay luh. but jane said we were very cute cos when we shaking our butts cos the skirts will sway together in the same direction! HAHA cute:D

oh right, rewind, before assembly i made huge mistakes><>

we were going home, and then we were walking out of sch and saw ms teo! SHE IS UBER CUTE. I LOVE HER TTM<3

she was talking over her phone when we spotted her. so we FALLOWED her behind, and then she also crossed the bridge! then she turned around and gave us a weird look, so we pretended to be whispering, and giggled. then she continued walking.

we stalked her! haha took 67 cos she went on board. then we tell her that we going kap to relax and macs is a good place to study. SHE REALLY BELIEVED. HAHA:D

oh by that time, she was still on the phone. then we asked: ms teo, are you cherry, is your lucky number 20, do you bake mooncakes, who is that special someone on the phone! HAHAHA:)

she kept on laughing, as usual, and then we bragged about how good we were and all that funny shit. ahhaha!! SHE IS SUPER REALLY VERY CUTEEEE :D

oh oh oh! today jane hugged me! cos she said that if i danced properly, then she will hug me. SHE SAID SHE PROMISED. awww so sweet right! I LOVE YOU JANEY BABY. hahahha :D

hehehe i seriously love today. it rocksssss~

byeee! blocks are coming, so may not post that often. BYEEEE!