A Twitch of Laughter
Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 11:21 PM | 0 notes


i just came back from syco concert. it is the best concert out of all the other concerts excluding nyco concert:D haha it is soo cool luh!

bobblehead played solo with her bro, nicodemus, and rachael sim and this guy called sean.

she played with a olot of emotion, but she was sooo nervous that her leg could not stop shaking. haha nice job bobblehead!! and when she was shaking the conductor's hand, she was like smiling but controlling it. ABSOLUTELY CUTE! ^^
applause, applause
applause, applause

bobblehead's bro. hahahas he cute like shit, the most petite and the most young guy in the orchestra. pro leh. he play most of the parts:)
applause, applause
applause, applause

i didn't know she was so lihai leh. heard that for her grade 9 erhu exam, she held the singapore record by having only 2 marks deducted. so lihai lah
applause, applause
applause, applause

hahaha and during the performance, this little guy fainted. then the whole of the audience above looked up to stare at him. i kaypoh so look up oso. the other ppl who oso dunno what's happenning got influence by our kaypohness and looked up too. haha.

the last part was soo funny. firstly, SHUHUI SNORTED LIKE A PIG 6 TIMES. HAHA and that was because she was laughing too hard!
when the concert was over, the audience shouted encore encore so the conductor with a biggg ego came in went out came in went out 3 times. then THEY PLAYED.


sounds like this in a chinese orchestra plus stringz way:

HAHA it sounded like stringz, cos ... i dunno why. but it sounded great luh. haha!

i'm considering about changing my blogskin and my url again haha.

getting late le. tmr still got sch. so i wanna slp.

really hope it rains:D goodnight byebye sleep tight dun let the bed bugs bight.