A Shriek of Chem
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 @ 9:08 PM | 0 notes

haha during chem lab lesson yesterday, we did some experiment, then yijie and i sooo pro finished really early. lol the ws oso ok! then we saw huiyu and seishea chasing each other then i asked why, seishea said she shoved ice into huiyu's back! rofl :D so huiyu was trying to get back at her.
then seishea shoved ice into my back, cos i wanted to try, haha. it was SHIOK. like mad. haha and i kinda shrieked? then i put on yijie's too. and we put on each others and cannot stop laughing and put on ourselves also! lol.
teacher noticed why yijie and i so restless so warned us:) oohpies:D then we finished our ice, so took even more. and we shoved into everyone near us:) and we shoved into jing once, but she said it was enjoyable. so no fun:( haha xD
AND then after we finished our ice, we sprayed alot of cold water at zilin and ying ying. they spray back at us. but we giggled too much so teacher glare at us again. teehee xD

oh right, rewind rewind,
after we finished the experiment, we went to put water inside the sodium two chloride again by placing the water in the long long thin thin thingy, haha and it sucked itself up automatically! HAHAH sooo fun leh:D cos got vacuum! actually not supposed to do that, but we alr separated a lot of water so no harm :D

ok go back fast forward again. so today, we were... what were we doing. oh shit i forgot. ok wait lemme think.
oh right! we were throwing eraser dust at joey and huanyu! cos yanjie threw at joey, and joey aim funny thorw on me so i throw back! haha that's the bad thing about sitting right at the back: can't hear the teacher and see the board so there is no interest in listening at all. :( but i really dun understand brp luh. -.-haha

ok. i'm supposed to be mugging. teehee