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i love today ttm!

started with pe. 3.2 km. haha but it was fun!! AND the best part was when qiting and yijie and huiyu cut across the field cos they didn't want to run so much. haha and qt and hy was like AHHHH with their hands waving madly rofl!! then jingwen ran over but was caught. cos teacher was looking at her. hehe

and everytime we passed the teacher, jingwen will say: YO TEACHER! HAHAHA HILARIOUS SHIT.

then we camwhorred! I ♥ MY SCH MAN. hahaha and we were taking shots infront of sch building! fun lar! i love itttt:D

during culture, angeline was sitting on one side and yijie the other. and they were whispering to me to pass the message to each other until i wanna die le lar. but fun hahaha cos can here their secrets? lol :)

after sch, angeline was rubbing her eyes so much that her contacts moved. and moved around her eyeballs. you dunno how scary it is. she rub rub then suddenly eyes fly open!! AHHHH and her eyes were red, with her veins all showing, and then she got TWO irises! SERIOUSLY FREAKED ME AND YIJIE OUT. then one iris was black, one was white with black outline(the contacts.) and the white one was moving all around uncontrollably, and her eye looked like it was about to pop out! so yijie and i screamed and ran up the stairs. screamed and screamed. cos it is the most scary thing i ever saw. and like a horror movie man.

and up in class, aigner and huiting was playing with bobblehead! HAHAHA they aigner and huiting was like attacking bobblehead, and then they wanted to put a piece of folded paper into bobblehead's uniform. hahaha! and aigner was like hugging bobblehead and holding her arms, and bobblehead got hold of the paper and was like: i am taller then you haha cannot reach. haha so huiting was jumping and trying to get the paper. then i taller then bobblehead, so i took hold of the paper, and then aigner was like: put it in! so i did. haha bobblehead yelped. and aigner huiting cannot stop laughing!! lol.

oh right when we were doing maths, huiting said lots of pervetic stuff along with bobblehead. lol

on the busssss, went home with jingwen, huiting and aigner.
aigner and huiting are really hilarious. love them alot!!
they made suepr funny jokes. haha like when these two p1 or p2 nanyang pri ppl came up, huiting was like: HELLO! haha soo cute right! then the girl waved back. so all of us waved at the both(girl and boy) and only the girl smile and wave back! so tiny and cute!!! ahhhhh!
so i was like: why boy never respond?
aigner: you want him to wave to you right!
huiting: aigner if you wave to him, he will surely wave backk to you de!
aigner: no lar. they will wave to jingwen lor. HEAT WAVE! hahah
cos jingwen too hot le!

and we left sch in a jiffy after huiting got this call cos she wanted to avoid someone who was catching up with us. haha and jing and i asked who it was, aigner huiting said: it's a bian xing. haha from boy to girl! and the person name is EAT. so they call the person EAT THE IT. haha
when i asked what is IT, they say I-T REP. lol!!

haha on the bus aigner 'confessed' to me, and said he was a guy called aladin actually. and he was from korea, and was actually in shinee but SM kicked her/him out. haha and aigner/aladin said that he/she was attracted to me. lol so asked me out on a date!!! hahaha and jing was staring at her like she was about to cry. and she said that it really sounded like a guy confessing. then aigner/aladin keep on saying : but i am a guy! i'm not lying! she/he oso said that he/she owns a mercedes benz, and he/she is 17 years old so got liscence le. then later he/she said: i am actually 71. hahaha!! laughed till i almost peed on my pants!! actually it was not what she said, but the way she did and how she acted. like she never even laugh leh! super natural lor! no wonder in theatre xD

today rocks lar!