Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 6:15 PM | 0 notes


whenever we pass by some passer by or teacher, we will greet them. hahaa see so polite.

and then when we running, we sang nursery rhymes, x'mas carols, chinese songs, and all those sutff:) oh right some parts right, the sand super mushy. then my shoe always get stuck and then very hard to pluck out:( but super fun cos can scream together!

then we did chu chu train and went down the steep parts together:D haha oh oh luckily huiyu held my hand cos got one time i slipped and almost fell. but luckily she grabbed hold of me!! HAHAHA
and it is really very slippery you know. like cos your shoe filled with sand so no more friction. hhahaha.

after that we took some photos, then we went back. you know the bus stop is soo full until i had to walk on the road! and i was stuck at the edge of the curb:( and i couldn't get up the bus. so we waited for a taxi(me yijie and angeline). then very long then finally got one empty cab. but there were a group of sec 3s oso waiting. and they waited longer then us. but we got the cab. they must have hated us :X

and the fare was like 4 plus only! haha so later we sat 961 and angeline and i alighted at ij. hahaa we alighted the same time as shiying and chloe!! :DDD haha and then we visited wu laoshi and all that stuff:) haha quite fun lar. then later me and angeline waited for rachel. L and sixuan to come then we went kap to eat lunch:))))))))))) haha so yeah, today was FUN. and it is super super super different from other days luh.

BYE gonna do hw now. even though holidays super long right, but then I AM GUAI. finish now then dun need to do later.

oh right! like my new blogskin? haha i <3 the pic there and the title thingy. haha and the background is CUTEEE.