stuff happens
Sunday, May 15, 2011 @ 1:13 PM | 0 notes

and really bad ones happen too.

its the worst week of my life. i feel like curling up and sleepingggggg.
i sleep like 4 hours a day. i just realised i didn't bring home my hw file from boarding.

urgh i'm on the verge of breaking down already.

hw is so freakingg irritating. 4 SIAs due this week. and our LA broadcast is like screwed.

i dont feel like talking aboutt this asdfghjkl.

okay at least yesterday was friggin fun. i love my grp. they cheer me uppp yeahh. and during grp sharing they were like giving me advice on everything. :DDD haha pulau ubin is super fun. kayaking is damn awesome. and jump shots were hilariousssss. plus we were singing like retards while walking in the forest and people were staring at us cuz we played with the sunblock lotion and our faces were asdfghjkl white with 2 strips like those red indians.

OMG I'M SO GONNA MISS BSE. life is so much better with it. i love grp sharingss like shit! and amanda lo is niceee(: she stayed over when seishea went home. and we played monopoly deal.

you knowww all this little thingss make me happy. but the sad things are like boom. they stare at you in the faceeeee and i can't seem to forget about it.

oh why the hell am i blogging when i'm so in desperate need for time.

i hope it'll all blow overrr. i wish we could go back to how we starteddd. but i don't think it will.): life sucks at a point like this. plus my sabats suck the most. i got my last choices and no one else in the class is going with me for both courses. what kind of shit is this. urghh