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Monday, April 4, 2011 @ 8:41 PM | 0 notes

gosh today is so fun ^-^ actually we didn't really do anything much, but i guess time spent with friends are the most enjoyable ones (:

hehe so jingwen and i got super hyped up about seishea's present! which is going to be a dog? i hope it will work! and i just found out that more people need to chip in cuz there is licence and everything. and if we adopt from spca, it will be free! which means only need to pay license :D i really wanna try spca!! some of them are in really good conditions ;D and young too!! haha we'll be saving their lives ^-^ sorta!

and then we started discussing about boarding school which i think seishea was a teeny excited about too :D haha she said she bought a mini hairdryer for us to use!! LOL and she kept asking me what stuff we need to buy like flasks ect. *SMILING MADLY*

then we went to cathay to watch THE EAGLES

it's quite nice!! LOL except some parts were really gore!! lke the shopping head part where the head literally slid of the neck. and then the blood squirted out! D: and those parts when the dead people without heads were hanging on the trees :( but overall i rate the movie 4/5!! :D haha it was freeeeeeeezing in the cinema. and i held my pee in for almost 2 hours!!

HEHE i really love secrets (: they make me feel special!!

i really don't get those funny ideas sometimes cuz i was from a girls school. hahaha so like i feel weird when you guys talk about those r/s stuff. and romance it sounds so distant and strange. but oh wells i'm too young so its okay if i'm a little slower (:

I WANT TO HAVE A BEST FRIEND SO BADDDDD. actually sometimes i wonder if i already have one.