Saturday, September 4, 2010 @ 1:02 PM | 0 notes

i realise that it is quite late to post this now. cos the first dazu was like on thur. hahaha anyway, it was not THAT scary, but really very quiet!! and then i will suddenly hit my strings so zia and sh will turn around and stare at me.

and i couldn't catch up for the first few times and didn't know when to start. haha totally lost like shit. thenn i finally got it! and it was fun! but i couldn't hear myself so i used muscle memory. hehe so pro hor!

yesterday ate ice cream! awww i got corn:( not that nice:( so i keep stealing fromm yijie. hahaha xD

but druing recess, yanjie's clique and our clique sat together! so around half the class was there!! YAYYYYYY!!!! we should do that mroe often.

AND I FINISHED MY DESPICABLE ME MINION !!! YIPEEEEEE although the head looks too BIAN. like squashed. lol:)

oh after school right, we had prac in 101, so when the aep-ers and other ppl who stayed back to finish their art came in, they stared at us :X very embarassing sia! and hls say that yesterday i was very good! she said i had the FEEELING! haha YAY! and fan yin sounds nice! sounds like MAGICCC :D haha i love my cca now:))))) and sh and angeline, you two better not leave me alone druing huibao. i dun wanna play alone:( super scary sia! and and like the whole orchestra stare at ME so you two better come back from whatever country you are in to play with me!

oh oh hls asked zilin whether she was cheena or something cos she said zilin look like one. haha totally freaked zilin out.

i haven't started on the HEAP of hw:( AND WEEK ONE GOT SPA:( i'm scared D:
week two got CHEM BT:(

wed going out to jp with seishea and jingwen! then later go do home econs. hehehe.

oh right for the online progress report thingy, MS TEO SUDDENLY SO NICE TO MEEE.HAHHA.